X-Plane Simulator Game

X Plane Flying Simulator

X-Plane Simulator Game

If you are looking for a flight game simulator to help you master your flying skills, the X-Plane Simulator could be an ideal choice. Find out more about the game in this following article.

X-Plane Simulator Game’s Overview

X-Plane is a flight simulator game developed by Laminar Research. This game is available both in desktop and mobile gadget versions. X-Plane comes with a complete package consists of several commercials, aircraft, military, and also basic global scenery that covers most parts of the Earth. The players can also build as well as customize scenery and aircraft by shipping with other software. X-Plane also makes it possible for the gamers to make their own modules, replica various places on Earth, and extend the software functionality to create their own worlds due to the plugin architecture available. The Scenery Gateway feature available in the game will make it possible for the players to share airports with other users. The game can connect to other instances of X-Plane through TCP/IP or UDP/IP network to enable multiplayer flight simulation. Meanwhile, the Instructor Operation Station (IOS) of the game can be applied remotely by using the internet to allow a flight instructor to control their aircraft in multiple methods.

The Flight Model

The X-Plane is a more interesting game if compared to the other simulators available in the market now. The game applies an aerodynamic model known as blade element theory. This is used to improve the simulation of flight characteristic by modeling the moments and the forces of the aircraft. The blade element theory will also make it possible for the players to evaluate the parts that constitute the simulation individually. The aerodynamic model used in the game is mainly implemented to compute aerodynamic forces in real time. This will make the game becomes more interesting and challenging to play.

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