Tropico 5 – Sim Game

Tropico Game

Tropico 5 – Sim Game

Tropico 5 is a video game which was invented by Haemimont games then released in the year 2014 to Microsoft windows. Tropico 5 was later released in two different versions namely Xbox one and PlayStation 4 respectively in the same year There are two genres of tropico 5 video game namely the government simulation game and construction and management simulation game.

Tropico 5 government simulation game can be played either by a single player and also its possible to play with two or more player. It is enjoyable when played by multiple players. The games allows the players to make structures of towns on the land surrounded with water and hence they are capable of making decision of either they unite and assist one another or they work individually.

Tropico 5 video game, it involves a series of events. You cannot advance to the next level without having met the qualification of the previous level. Like in the government simulation game, there are different stages from the time when people were colonialised by the European. Germans, British and the rest. Then stage two follows when the people started fighting back the colonies which caused word wars. After different countries got independence, the chosen leaders tried to bring the aspect of colonising their own people up-to-date people are faced with neocolonialism. The citizens who made their structures in the island had to struggle so as to change the rules that are governing them.

They also try to stabilize their economical standards hence the players should do their all means to make the citizens smile. In the Tropico 5 game, the citizen attains independence from the British colony. The people of island are allowed to battle and choose their own president who tries to make friendship with the president of United States. The independence is followed by its consequences which includes paying taxes to the British government and forming the military who works for the US president. Tropico 5 game allows the players to create another island with different preferences.

Tropico 5 game was later released for acquisition in 2014 April though it had a different stereotypes that it might bring chaos to the country that the game was banned and distributed. The government simulation game was later made available in digital method hence could be downloaded via the internet

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