Tidilys High Pressure Cooker Steamer Basket with Lid Stackable Stainless-Steel Instant Pot Insert Steam Vegetables Meat Fish Rice Fits 5, 6, 8 Quart Pots Dual 2-Tier Container System

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The more we learn about healthy nutrition, the more we realize how essential it is to experience foods more naturally. That’s why we created the [Brand Name] Pressure Cooker Steamer Instant Pot Insert: a fun, easy way to cook your favorite dinner recipes and meals while retaining their valuable flavors, aromas and nutrients. These high-efficiency cookers can cook two different foods at once, be it rice, meat, potatoes, eggs, vegetables, or any number of other great selections. What’s more, steaming helps preserve nutrients and vitamins without changing the taste or the texture. Product Details: • Pressure Cooker Steamer • Built-In Handle • Stainless Steel Insert • Stackable Design • Dishwasher Safe • Compatible with 5-Quart, 6-Quart, 8-Quart Pots Instead of relying on the microwave or micromanaging the oven to reheat your food, use the steamer to get better, more delicious flavors out of leftovers with minimal effort on your part! Just add what you want reheated, throw it in the pot with water, and let the steamer do the rest. Great for a wide range of recipes, our 2-tier stackable pan inserts also fit comfortably inside most standard 5-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart cooking pots. This gives you more support over your brand choice, meal size, and even meal planning; all important factors for quick meals or large family dinners. The two-tier stackable design lets you easily slip multiple food choice inside the same cooking pot, minimizing time and effort on your part to make evening meals faster. Each pressure cooker steam pot can also be used for storing leftovers without dirtying other cookware, or for making other foods like lasagna, cheesecake or fun treats. Every pressure cooker steamer also comes with fitted lids to ensure maximum efficiency as well as a built-in handle to make it easier to manage.

  • 2-TIER STEAMER COOKER - This stackable pressure cooker steam basket inserts into the instant pot easily letting you steam fresh vegetables, fish, rice and more!
  • CONVENIENCE: Cook different food in each pot at the same time, serve the food in these stainless steel pots, and then store the leftovers in the same pots in the refrigerator. It is very easy to use and clean.
  • ENHANCE RECIPE FLAVORS - Steaming food with our vegetable steamer slow cooker helps retain flavors, aromas and nutrients more effectively for healthier, tastier meals.
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP - Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel, our dishwasher safe pressure cooker insert steam baskets offer premium kitchen support.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - Every Tidilys product is backed by reliability, durability, and true quality assurance for a risk-free purchase