Super Power 2 Game Review

SuperPower 2

Super Power 2 Game Review

If you are interested in creating and implementing strategies control a nation or lead the world, this Super Power 2 can be a perfect choice of gaming to play.

About Super Power 2 Game

Super Power 2 is a game that provides a real-time strategy war game for the players. The game is developed by GolemLabs and firstly released by DreamCatcher Interactive in 2004. Basically, the players should take control of their nation and then work to achieve their predefined goals include balancing the sources of the nation, create a world peace, or even conquer the world. The players might be allowed to not create predefined goals and set their mind to develop the infrastructure of their nation, encourage the economic, increase the military strength, and encourage cultural growth. Though the game is so challenging, it is only slightly improved over the previous series, SuperPower. However, many reviewers state that this game is really ambitious with various options, limitless gameplay added, and the good graphics for the globe. The player will not find any pretest end date in the game since it provides real-time war game. In other words, the game will run indefinitely once a single game is started.


There are three main spheres provided in the game, they are the political sphere, the military sphere, and economic sphere. Political sphere available consists of all political activities of the selected nation both in domestic and international areas. This sphere enables the players to see the internal laws, diplomatic agreements, government types, and then modify them. Meanwhile, the military sphere consists of all military operations to allow the players to train, disband, sell, build, and purchase the military units. The economic sphere is all about financial activity and it enables the players to view and control income, taxes, trade, and expenses of the selected nation.

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