Spore – Biological Simulation Game

Spore Game

Spore – Biological Simulation Game

Spore (2008) is a simulation game that is divided in to next five stages. You will find a different type of experience at each stage. The five stages are (1) Cell stage, (2) the Creature Stage, (3) the Tribal Stage, (4) the Civilization Stage, and (5) the Space Stage. One player will complete each stage, he will have the option to advance to the next level or to continue with the previous level.

It is the most ambitious video game developed on the theme of the creator of the Sims. While playing this game you will not only control a single family or city, but you will have a control on the entire species from a single cell to a galactic conqueror.

Every phase has its own editing tools and it is also associated with vehicles and buildings. Also, you will be able to experience creature tool that allows you to create your own animated lifeform from the scratch through a collection of limbs, facial features and colorings.

Other features that you will experience while playing this best simulator game are detailed below:

In this game, the different species will have different ancestors. They are not shared, and every player’s path is linear not branched.

In spore, there is no end of the path except extinction. You will never get bored while playing this game.

In Spore game, the things shaping the way the creatures change over time are game statistics and “whatever the player thinks looks cool.

More information about this simulation game:

Platforms accepted: Microsoft windows and Mac OS

Release on: 7th September 2008

Genres: God game, life simulation, real-time strategy

Modes: Single player game.

Children that love creature, magical world, nature and actions can play this game. They will find a great interest in this simulator game.

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