Goat Simulator Game Review

Goat Simulation

Goat Simulator Game Review

Goat is an animal that also becomes a popular character both in games and movies. Goat Simulator is one of the games to put the animal as the main character in which the gamer should perform the act of a chaos.

Game Description

Goat Simulator is a third-person perspective game which is developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios. This is a game in which the player should control a goat. The game was actually created as an entertainment and a joke prototype from an internal one-month game jam by the publisher. The gamer can explore the game’s world freely by jumping, running, bashing things, as well as licking objects. The developer of the game has compared this Goat Simulator as akin to skateboarding games. The things that make differentiation is the fact that the gamers would control a goat to do as much damage as possible without a purpose around an open world map. Since the game is developed as a joke prototype at the beginning, it has drawn a lot of attention and cause excitement to the game lovers. This leads the developer to build a more releasable state game without eliminating the glitches and non-breaking elements to keep the entertainment value of the game.

How to Play the Game

It has been stated before that the player would play to control the goat and cause chaos by running, bashing things, jumping, and licking objects. There are many interesting environmental features to make it possible for the gamers to manipulate the goat into a stunt like launching the animal into the air by using large fans or bouncing off trampolines. The scoring system featured in this Goat Simulator is just like the one used in the skateboarding games. The players should also collect small gold goat statues hidden to enable the gamers to restart the game through various modifiers in play.

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