Gladius Simulation Game Review

Gladius Simulation Game Review

Gladius is an RPG simulation game in which the ultimate goal is to win the High Tournament. You will win a talisman proving your status as an Amateur, Semi-Pro and eventually as a Pro. That implies you can play in these leagues when you get your grade. Each league has its own tourney. You need to win a certain number of cups to reach the competition, this varies with each season. You have to win every league skirmish in the leagues to win cups.

I had a few battle system problems, but adapting to them is pretty easy. The biggest issue I had was not being able to run up against an opponent and then strike him with an exceptional attack. You may run up and attack him, but it’s just that.

You have to wait until the opponent approaches you, or you get next to the opponent before unleashing a special assault (this is restricted to low-range attackers, of course). The gameplay was pretty simple when I had an archer in my squad, because all I have to do was sit back and take aim all the players off.

After each game is won, you get experience and the experience is divided equally among the combatants who fought the battle. Often, the people you haven’t seen receive a part of your experience so they can’t be left too far behind.

There is an enormous range of fighters in the game like barbarians, bears, archers, casters, goblins or zombies. They have categories like Heavy (Yeti, Minotuar, Ogre), Medium (Barbarian), Light (Mongrel, Berserker, Secutor), Support (Gungnir, Archer), Arcane (Caster, Summoner), and the Beast (bear,scorpion, wolf). The only thing is that there are not many abilities in the game, and many of the various classes use the same abilities.

Characters / Story

Gladius has to do more with game play than with story With that being said, I was really drawn into the game by the play intro. This told a great story about how the occurrences started and spoke about the deities of friendship and other interesting plot details.


The pre-rendered cutscenes style is absolutely stunning. To make it appear almost like a fucked up-crazy pop-up comic, they combine still sketches with special effects.

The major characters look all right and have a good amount of combination, but they look like skeletons when they show them up close throughout a cut scene. The cutscenes in the play look a bit boxy.

World Map

The world map is divided into 4 sections, Imperia, Nordagh, Southern Expanse, and Windward Steppe. Every country has to battle in between 2-7 venues. To move between stadiums, you can walk through the world map.

The world map is the only spot where you can interact with people or purchase products as an alternative. On the map, you will run into random events, and like Fire Emblem, if you died in a random war, they’re dead for good. Getting into a random encounter always takes forever. I hurried around to actually get one for 10 min.

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