Flight Gear 2019 Simulator – Can you learn to be a pilot?

Flight Gear 2019

Flight Gear 2019 Simulator – Can you learn to be a pilot?

So, what’s all the buzz about these flight simulator games? How accurate are they and can regular use turn you into a qualified pilot? Let’s try to find out by looking at the popular Flight Gear 2019 simulator game that gets supplied on six CDs that include hundreds of real air planes.

Main features of the game

  • Travel the world from the comfort of your own home with this ultra-realistic flight simulator
  • Fly commercial planes, military aircraft, helicopters & more as you explore up to 20,000 real international airports!
  • Enjoy a range of PixelClassics exclusives, including full worldwide scenery, 600+ bonus aircrafts & more!
  • Keep updated with regular free-for-life aircraft expansion packs & downloads to ensure smooth running
  • Compatible with Windows PC & Mac OS X systems, so everyone can enjoy their own virtual flight experience

Take to the skies and see the world like never before with this awe-inspiring Flight Gear 2019 simulator with this set of CDs. If you don’t require CDs, you can download the game here because it is open source. We, however, think that having the CDs is much more convenient. Choose from a whole range of aircraft to fly (from lightweight commercial lines and giant jumbo jets to military planes, helicopters and more!) and explore up to 20,000 real airports from across the world!

Flight Gear 2019

Taking almost two decades to create, this highly sophisticated flight simulator boasts incredibly realistic and meticulous graphics to give you the most true-to-life flying experience yet. With lifelike motion, authentic environments and accurate weather conditions, you will feel like you’re genuinely behind the wheel of your very own aircraft.

With 6 jam-packed discs to enjoy, you’ll have more aircraft than you could ever learn to fly in a lifetime right at your fingertips! Keep updated with frequent free expansion packs and downloads to keep your simulator current and smooth.

It’s compatible with both Windows PC and Mac OS X systems, so everyone can enjoy the freedom of a fantastic flight experience, and it even supports gaming accessories (from a keyboard and mouse to a joystick and pedals) for the most personalised adventure yet!

Scour through PixelClassics range of amazing exclusives included in the premium deluxe pack, including almost 700 aircraft liveries, more than 600 bonus aircraft to choose from, a 200+ page software manual to get sunk into, and so much more!

Whether you’re an aircraft enthusiast, budding pilot or casual gamer, this simulator will give you everything (and more!) than you could ever wish for from a virtual flight experience. What are you waiting for?

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