Democracy 3 – Government Simulation Game

Democracy 3 Sim Game

Democracy 3 – Government Simulation Game

Democracy 3 – Government Simulation Game to Provide Real-Time Simulation as Politician

There are only a few games that provide government simulation for the players and one of them is Democracy 3. Find out more about how this game will take out all your ability to create strategies and policies to serve your citizens.

About Democracy 3

Criticize what government does for the country and citizens is very easy. But, what if you are the president or prime minister that have to formulate government strategies and wise policies for your citizens? Skills and critical thinking is really needed and this is how you will be challenged to win this Democracy 3 game. As a player, you need to act like a president or prime minister of a democratic country.  You need to create strategies policies in seven different areas include law, economy, foreign issues, public services, transport, tax, and order services. Just like in a real life politic, the policy created will also influence the happiness and satisfaction of multiple voter groups, crimes, and air quality. This is where the player has to deal with unexpected situations occurred such as homeless and petrol protests.

How to Play the Game

Before starting to play the game, the players need to decide the democratic country in which they want to take on a role as president or prime minister. The gamers should win the heart as many factions as possible and get their support to make up the electorate such as socialists, capitalists, conservatives, liberals, religious, and others. In this way, the players will be able to win the election. Make sure that you made two promises for the electorate before the general election and keep the promises. If the players broke the promises, the cynicism will increase and people get annoyed. You could change the policies by spending political capital made by your loyal ministers. This game will enable you to experience the same problems faced by nation’s leaders in real life.

Where to Find this Game?

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