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Cities Skylines

This is a single player game for building cities that was developed, and published by colossal order and paradox interactions respectively. It was first in 2015 march that it was released for Linux, mac OS and windows operating systems in 2017, Tantalus Media developed one for Nintendo Switch.

Simulating a classic city, Cities: Skylines is an advanced new game that has innovative game play features for one to appreciate the hard task and excitement of crafting and sustaining an actual metropolis and at the same time adding to some common designs of the experience on city building. The game can brag at having a fully operational system of transport. Simulations are complicated and difficult but this game gives one the privilege of choosing the mode of game suits those best.

This game is made targeting people age three and above. It is highly rated by players. It come with a $15.99 price tag and an additional $2.99 for delivery.

How to play.

The game commences on a 1.2 by 1.2 mile a nearby highway exit at the interchange. The gamer then proceeds to lay down basic infrastructure. This is to attract residents to migrate into and give them jobs. As the city grow so does the player unlocking new improvements like social infrastructure, law, government and taxes. The player also defines boundaries. With the accumulation of money one can buy 8 extra plots within a 10 by 10 kilometer area although by using Steam Work shop one can obtain the entire map

It features an extensive road and other transport systems which are able to be built strait or also in free from Roads of varying widths come at extra cost.

It includes four items.

  • 1. Snowfall OLC
  • 2. after Dark OLC
  • 3. Extra items like botanical garden, dog park, basketball court, bouncy castle and carousal
  • 4. Cities skylines

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