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Anno 2205 – City Building Game

Anno 2205 City Building Game – Everything to Know Before Playing the Game

Anno game series is a challenging game for everyone who likes building something. It is an economic simulation and city-building game to challenge your creativity and critical thinking.

Game Description

Anno 2205 is a city-building game with futuristic style and real-time strategy elements. To play the game, the gamers should take a challenge to be a leader in a corporation. The leader then should win the competition in establishing future technologies against other corporations. The gamers will be given a task to develop metropolises all around the world at the beginning of the game. Along with the increase in population when more metropolises are developed, there will be the more citizens that have to be satisfied. The gamers should be able to fulfil all needed by the citizen in the metropolises.

The primary needs of the citizens that should be fulfilled by the players include houses, foods, and infrastructures to keep maintaining the growth of their economy. However, facilities built can be relocated around by the gamers. They can also add different parts to the buildings to improve their function and upgrade the production. The challenge will be more difficult once the players are forced to build facilities on the moon or arctic regions in order to find cost-efficiency ways. Establishing buildings on the unusual regions will offer more difficult challenges than the ones in other parts of the Earth.

How to Play the Game

Unlike the previous instalment, all the information related to Anno 2205 can be seen visually. All things demanded by the citizens would be shown as icons and images. What the citizens feel about the facilities provided by the gamer will influence their actions. You will be allowed to travel all around the cities as a leader if they are happy. But, if they are not satisfied, they will ban the buildings and leave the cities. In other words, you lose the game.

Where to get?

Cities Game

Cities Skylines

This is a single player game for building cities that was developed, and published by colossal order and paradox interactions respectively. It was first in 2015 march that it was released for Linux, mac OS and windows operating systems in 2017, Tantalus Media developed one for Nintendo Switch.