Bus Driver Simulation

Bus Driver

Bus Driver Simulation

This is the best simulation video game for the players who loves to play realistic games. You can play this game on the platforms Microsoft on Windows and mac OS X. This unique game is developed by SCS Software.

In this Bus Driver Simulation game, the player’s game is to transport the different passengers around a beautiful and attractive city. The path of the transportation is designed well to attract the passengers. The whole route was planned well. The game of the Bus driver is to drive a bus according to the time table on a planned route by obeying the traffic rules. Also, his duty is to take care of the passengers and taking care not to harm or injure while driving.

In this game, Bus Driver can be offered twelve different kinds of buses to drive and an expensive city environment. There are thirty different routes with various districts. The player must select a route from tiers. Points can be added and subtracted with the quality of playing. The player will lose the points if he does not follow the traffic rules, he departs the passengers early or leaves the passengers at wrong place, harm the passengers by braking too hard and he is not punctual.

There are different tiers that contains different routes. To go to the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the routes fruitfully. As the game growths, the routes become more longer and more critical.

Buses are designed well in the American styles as well as in European styles. The buses included are 3 MCI 102D3, a Ford B-Series school bus, a MCI D4500 coach and more. The other Temsa Edition included the Temsa Tourmalin IC, Temsa Opalin, Temsa SafariHD, Temsa Avenue, and the Temsa Diamond.

To enjoy the role as a bus driver, you must try this game. You will find some difference from all other bus games.

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